samedi 11 mai 2013

News 2

Hello, here are some news :

- Because of the spams I was receiving every now and then, new bank accounts, pills for every man's needs and other disgusting ridiculous stuff, I had to disable the anonymous comments. From now on, you will need to write your name or a pseudonym. It becoming harder and harder to moderate all these spams, because they were sent in the form of comments. It has been some weeks since the anonymous comments have been disabled, and since then, no more spams, so I'll keep it going like this.

- The article "Yearly Joy" that I wrote for my own birthday (before giving gifts to others, always give a gift to yourself, even if it's just a little love) is too long, I think, and needs to load a lot of players at once. What is more, there are so much releases in it, and so much different genres that you keep finding it everywhere. To remedy that I'm going to delete it, and instead create a different article for each release it contained, these will be posted every time I have the time. That will be easier for everyone.

Cheers !

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