mercredi 30 mars 2016

Weekend Cult - Weekend Cult

To end this month of march in a beautiful fashion, I suggest listening to some groovy hip-hop, whaddya think ? I discovered this album when it was suggested to me while I was buying an album by Al Lover, producer of electronic and psychedelic beats. There are always nice discoveries to make when you buy something on Bandcamp, here's the proof.

It's old-school, no gangsta anywhere near here, no fat electronic beats turning our youths into savage warmongers, only rhythms, rimes, flow, poetry, subversive lyrics that do not become a boring course on morals and ethics. It goes up all at once, and it does not come down, even after the end you still feel the heat of the city in the afternoon, watching friends playing football with a tin can.

I hate tin cans.

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