mercredi 9 mars 2016

Soulular - EvoLuminate

Soulular ! Now there's an artist you should know and hear more about, especially if you like chillstep, booming music that caresses the mind, deep dub, or dubstep with dub and step, and no killing robots but real pieces of electronic fruit inside !

EvoLuminate is his latest album, and is designed to be a tribute to all the support he received during his career as an electronic music producer, a kind of musical thank you.

Well I think the least we can answer is "You're welcome !" and then bask in this dreamy goodness for about the time it takes to listen to eight tracks ten times in a row.

All Soulular's releases are available for free-priced download, do not hesitate to go dig around and listen to his previous albums.

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