mercredi 2 novembre 2016

Electric Octopus - This is Our Culture

When I see a saturated picture of a purple octopus I feel compelled to hear what it has to say. And so when I saw this album's cover and the name Electric Octopus for the first time, I had a hunch and before listening, went and searched for a Bandcamp site, 'Maybe they even do free music', I thought.

And, coincidence or not, they do, and it's really good !

In a blurry and smokey atmosphere, the record begins by setting up the tempo, feeling the guitar, tuning the bass, progressively dimming the lights and diffusing the atmosphere of a friendly friday night jam session between friends.

These three guys from Belfast have a beautiful musical chemistry, translating itself in three bluesy, jazzy and rocky pieces for about three times twenty minutes, attuning themselves with one another in a perfect fashion.

And believe it or not, the next day, I met a guy from Belfast, here in Belgium.

See you after that.

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