mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Pixeltune - For a While

I am in a chiptune mood these times around, I don't really know why. Maybe a sense of nostalgy for a time apparently gone for good.


I discovered Pixeltune and his music by looking for new things on the Chiptune = WIN Facebook group, a very good place to look if you ask me. And Chipwin, definitely on the top 2 labels for 8-bit music I'm telling you, or even a top 1 if there is such a thing.

This music is a tasty blend of powerful and energetic chiptune music and soothing chillbit sounds, sometimes embroidered with instrumentals and final boss theme songs.

And this guys says "I'm 18 and I play music with a gameboy".

Jeez... Had I known !

Good listening to you.

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