mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Tentura - Beyond Illusion

Psy psy psy, here's an exciting and astonishing album. Produced by Tentura at Sentimony Records in 2015, Beyond Illusion contains an original and masterly crafted blend of deep-trance and psybient. The kind of album that takes time colouring the walls and putting up an atmosphere.

To speak more clearly it's been in my 'to write about' folder for months but I only found time today to listen to it in its entirety. I immediately felt as if in a goa festival chillzone. Had there been some chai tea and random smiling people around me, that would have been it...

A well-crafted album without any undertone from beginning to end, a music that makes one want to know more about Sentimony Records' catalog and also about Tentura, who seems to be such a master in the arcanes of electronic music.

Boy do I like free music, could it be the sense of life I was looking for ?

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