mercredi 23 novembre 2016

WJMC - fault

So... so, what to say ? This album is as weird and mysterious as its cover. To really enjoy and appreciate it in its entirety, I just listened to it while laying on the ground staring at the lamp on the ceiling, completely immersed in its eerie atmosphere.

This music really deserves a question mark, and it would deserve others if I had any more... From beginning to end, distorted sounds and samples fight for space and chance to express themselves with ethereal voices coming out of dusty phonographs. Some foggy drums try to come and say hello, making the kind of noise you hear when hammering your fists on a door with all your might while in a dream. Poof, broof, and so on and so forth.

Some tracks reminded me of the strange and vaporous world of Boards of Canada, just weirder.

Enough talk, now go stare at a lamp and then give me your impressions.

And while you're at it and if you want some more weird music, take a listen at Oligopolist Records's catalog.

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