mercredi 26 octobre 2016

The Dirty Feathers - Midnight Snakes

Here's an old one, an ancient gem from a time when life was something else.

I discovered The Dirty Feathers and bought their album at a time when it was free-priced. Later I started the Mojoteque project and wanted to share Midnight Snakes, but it was not free anymore. Brought down by the bad fortunes of life, I wistfully decided not to write anything about it... But I chanced upon it recently and there it is again free-priced !

So don't mind me but I will take this opportunity to share it with you.

In the year 2011, a band from Illinois decided to mix psychedelic, desertic and mineral influences to create a unique stylish blend which musn't be listened to on "shitty laptop speakers" as they say.

I will even go a bit further saying you never should listen to anything at all on laptop speakers unless you haven't got a say in the matter.

After this album, The Dirty Feathers released a single in 2012 that is also free-priced. Then, it's the desert, at least in the studio, because the band continues to play here and there, touring the small stages and small smokey bars mostly in the US, keeping a roots attitude that so many bands tend to lose when they get bigger.

Their catalog remained almost empty for several years, but who knows ?

Well, if you start following their Bandcamp page or La Mojoteque, you'll be the first to know when they lay a new album.

In the meantime, have a good one.

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