mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Sabanas - Ascension

J. Sabanas from Flanders, Belgium makes "druggy ambient hypnotic beats", the kind of music that expresses the state you're in when you get engulfed in a sofa in front of the hearth after having a good plate of mashed mushrooms, without sausage and applesauce (oh no ! some will say).

Sabanas will take you to a dream-state with rhythms that are sometimes slow and deep, sometimes broken in little pieces, hypnotic melodies that feel like being alone and barefooted sunday morning on a carless highway and subtle instrumentals.

This album is out at DRLR Records, a belgian label that you need to scrutinize a bit, full of strange and surprising music, and free-priced what is more. So listen, enjoy and share.

Let yourself go.

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