mercredi 8 juin 2016

Lost In Sound - VA Compilation #004

It's quite hard to write a little review on this profuse and rich release of 45 tracks (yes, 45, you read right) in such a variety of styles... There is a bite of everything, glitch, techno, electro, piano, dub, dubstep, psydub, you name it... There are also killer bots with laser sight, but you'll hear them soon enough. I better warn you though, that their unique eye can cut through about any material, so watch out.

This compilation was put into being by the Lost In Sound collective as a means of celebrating the comeback of their website and online musical catalog in 2015 (in spring, as you can guess). After contacting more than a hundred artists, they were sent those fourty-five pearls of musical craftsmanship. And there goes a collection of tracks shifting gracefully between up and down, light and dark, bounce and flow. Trippy, futuristic, strange, shwifty...

And entirely free of charge !

You can spot some names we already talked about some times like Mindex, Pericles, bioLumigen, Erothyme and Kalpataru Tree. So much tracks to add to my playlists I cannot even begin to think about it clearly. Ah, if playlists could talk...

Well I'll leave you on this very interesting thought. See you next time.

Oh and don't forget to take a look at LIS's website, there are many a musical pearl to find there. Not all is free, because they do not specialise in that field, but there are some very good things to find. I've just begun to dig the vein myself...

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