mercredi 22 juin 2016

Kalpataru Tree - Preverberations From The Infinite Future

Today and once again I want to share with you an album from a very inspiring artist of whom I've already spoken before, but whose art makes me float in the air with each and every step forward it takes.

Kalpataru Tree has become one of my favourite artists, and is, in my opinion unavoidable in the psydub scene today, of which he successfully makes himself the avatar with a blend of tweaked up instrumentals, rhythm boxes, deep layers of bass to sustain the whole and dreamy velvet melodies floating in space, faithful to his own style.

Preverberation From The Infinite Future, with its impossible to pronounce name and its cover reminiscing of an episode from Ulysses 31 unleashes long threads of psydub able to calm down the most reluctant souls, to make the laziest among us able to touch the stars.

Listen without moderation is all I have to say in the end.

See you later.


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