mercredi 6 juillet 2016

Subaqueous - ReCreate

Hear hear ! Gentle people of the Internet. I present unto you, ReCreate by Subaqueous, a journey deep into swampy soundscapes, phosphorescent algae-ridden mountaintops at the bottom of the ocean, crashing waves and the songs of whales.

ReCreate is actually a remix album of track by Subaqueous made into something fresh by friends with mucky names such as Moon Frog, Bogtrotter, Yaima, Skytree and a bunch of others. A great occasion of discovering Subaqueous' sounds through other minds and also to get a number of new names in the free music world.

You wouldn't believe, sometimes you just have to type in "artist name + Bandcamp" and then you only need to name any price you want.

Note : It does not work with all the musicians in the world.

Let's listen and go to far away places now.

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