mercredi 13 juillet 2016

Tetra Hydro K - Labotomie

It breathes heavy, it breathes fresh. A delicious magical electronic potion, a blend of dub, of psy, of electronica, very refreshing, if I must repeat myself during those days where we can but claim our right to more sun.

Dr. Kanay and Dr. Krilong invite us to discover the new advances about biochemicomusicology they recently made in their secret lab, conveniently named Tetra Hydro K. Shuffling between live instrumentations and electronic components, the two MDs discovered it was possible to cleanse a human brain using only the finest ingredients such as basses, organic rhythm, far-reaching melodies and strange out-of-nowhere samples.

Out at ODGProd, the netlabel whose name I barely manage to write correctly, Labotomie is a surprising album, to be listened to without any moderation, for all the lovers of music, be it electronic or not, but like, still more yes, you know...

Download the album directly on ODGProd's website by following this link (and by clicking "download").

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