mercredi 1 juin 2016

Kanka - Abracadabra (Chapter I)

With productions in genres such as Roots, Dub, Stepper and Dubstep, OGDProd has made itself quite a little sunny spot to lay off and produce quality music for the great pleasure of our ears. They produce artists already quite well-known such as Panda Dub, the surface of whom we already talked about, and soon a bit more.
Kanka gives us an album filled with an atmosphere of voodoo bayou swampy grounds inhabited by talking snakes dabbling in black magic. Big dub, a little step, joyfully testing the solidity of your sound monitors and subwoofers with basses made to crack the earth and chthonian lasers hailing from the underworld.

As for ODGProd, we'll talk a bit more about them later in an article that only deals with them, their catalog, what they do, what they are, etc. In the meantime I give you some interesting links if you want to better discover them by yourself.

One last thing. Please do be careful not to get your free downloads from Bandcamp when you do not want to donate, if you can help it. The artists actually have to pay for a certain quantity of those "name your price" downloads, so in the end, if everybody types in 0$ and gets the albums for free this way, it will cost the artists. Thank you.

Here are the useful links :

ODGProd's website.
ODGProd's Facebook page.
Kanka's Facebook page
Link to download Abracadabra (Chapter I) for free.
Kanka's Bandcamp page (to name your price).

See you 'round.

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