mercredi 5 décembre 2012

Colour - Devine Moments of Truth

Tagadagadagadagada brwhiiii whrii wawawa brwhooo tagada taga brwhoooo dadada brwhiiiii is certainly what you will tell me, and I will indulge this, but just once.

It is also more or less what you will hear if you let this album tell its weird stories, which I can only entice you to do. And you will also tell me "but what the... ? this is psytrance ! where is the glitch, man ? you screwed up again !" but don't you think there is something glitcheous in Colour's music ? The atmosphere, how it sounds, it seems evident to me, there is something fun in there, fun and powerful, the right blend of glitch and psytrance, but the world of electronic music is so big, and the borders are so blurry that we could almost say anything about any subject without ever being completely right or wrong, so what the hell, let's do it.

I wish you a sweet listening, hoping this music will make you dance enough to warm you up in these difficult times. Oh ! I almost forgot but my birthday is coming soon ! I will post something bigger than usual that day, with more albums, more music, iiiiiih I love surprises !!

And to those who would tell me that there are evident drugeous references on my blog, I will answer, bound by the shackles of law, that this is far from being my fault.

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