jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Pretty Lights - Passing By Behind Your Eyes

The first thing about music is we like music, the second thing a bout music is we can talk about it. I am always interested in new musical discoveries, in any style, coming from anywhere or anyone. I'm even interested in music that you have to pay for (I know, it seems crazy to me too...) so if you happen to know a good band/DJ/anything that is a little bit off the chart, please contact me via the comments or the Facebook page and let me know about these guys. For those who are free, I will of course listen to them and if they are deemed worthy (I'm getting over myself again) I'll share their music on the blog, just as long as it's free and overultralordzor.

For example, I had no idea Pretty Lights existed, and yet it seems a very successful producer. But thanks to Michou I was made aware and began to discover his music, a blend of positively energetic electro and groovy hip-hop. Now, to get this album for free go to this page. If you browse a bit, you will be able to download all his releases for free, and you also have a Paypal donating button, if you feel so inclined.

Have a good day dudeboys and dudegirls.

Download the album

Listen :

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