mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Merkaba - Rediscovery

We're here tonight to celebrate the marriage of Techno and Psytrance, step forward, love each other, etc. Cold robotic futuristic trance shall be your children and they will bring joy to human ears and distorsion to human brains. Some people will call them techtrance, but as it is really a blend of techno and psytrance we will not create a unique tag for them, because we think they will please the former's lovers as well as the latter's.

Phew, that was awkward. Merkaba gives us a selection of early works, a very good blend of psychedelic trance and techno, a little glitchy sometimes, but not enough as this to be considered a glitch release. Sometimes I wonder if my english grammar is really that good. Well that's not the point here. And for those who would ask, no, this is no jewish music.

Edit : Techtrance it is. So techno seekers won't be whatthefazed and psytrance lovers won't be whatisthissed. Sorry if I keep messing things up.

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