mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Erothyme - Coincidentia Oppositorum

I'm in an electronic mood, but to be even more precise I have ten minutes of free time, and so I decided I'd use them to listen to Erothyme's Coincidentia Oppositorum, one of the first releases I downloaded on Bandcamp, and also probably the first that had me create an "electro" folder, where I now put all this music that is so electronic and impossible to classify. Erothyme's music bounces, that is for sure, sometimes rapidly, sometimes slowly, with a touch of groove and two ounces of glitchy material, hey presto, you've got yourself a very good blend of electronic music, and for free, mind you.

But what am I saying ? I have to admit I have a tendancy to put everything I cannot clearly classify in the "electronic" genre, but as electro has a sound of its own, it is clearly out of topic. Erothyme's album is (although you won't notice it at first) pretty relaxing, with a nostalgic and sometimes a little weirdly experimental atmospheres.

This album is from 2009, three more releases from Erothyme have appeared since then, two of them are free-priced. If you like this one, you might as well check them out.

Edit : The blog will change a little bit from now on. I realised quite a few things that weren't right. I'm going to delete some albums. In my sharing frenzy I wanted to share a great quantity of music, and sometimes forgot to listen to an album completely, some, I now reckon, are not so good and still shared, some are ultimately lord and sleep on my hard drive.

Some genres are going to change names, some are going to disappear or fuse themselves with others. Mushtronic becomes "?" for lack of a better defining word, Downtempo fuses with Chill, Progressive is gone for now, because it isn't necessary yet. Last but not least, there will be only one article per week from now on, wednesday evening, it will improve its quality, the site will unclog itself a little bit, and that will give enough time to enjoy each album at once. The design could change as well, and become less like a dark magic cave, and transform into an icy colorful greenish grotto, we'll see.

Edit : Well it seems this album is no longer available on Erothyme's Bandcamp page, I really don't know why, but you can still listen to and download it by following this link to Beardology Records.

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