mercredi 19 septembre 2012

HelixNebula - Trip To Infinity

When roaming through Ektoplazm's many (MANY) different releases, I began to notice how so much psychedelic trance can feel and sound like each other. Sometimes it only goes as far as a "tagada tagada" rhythm and weird noises in the background. That is maybe because so many beginners are too hasty, they put their first release on the Internet without thinking, without really working on the details. Nothing psychedelic at all in these...

But there are also many great treasures to be found. I stumbled on HelixNebula's release by chance and wasn't even going to listen to it really. But I did, and at the time I remember I thought it was the best goa psytrance ever made : the rhythms shift and are used in an intelligent manner, weird noises are present but scarce and none are superfluous, and last but not least this music literally sends you into space in a luminous spaceship to meet yourself and others in a dancing world, a trippy galaxy... (sorry I got carried away).

This release really is where you feel the very threshold between good and bad psytrance. Get it here, or listen to a preview first :

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