jeudi 20 septembre 2012

Lost Twin - Birds

I like weird music. Well, as long as it is beautiful too. I like it when I find something impossible to define and have to keep listening to it in search of a fitting adjective. Sometimes I try to invent a new music genre (we'll see how popular chillcore and onirique music will be in the future), sometimes it's impossible. Lost Twin's release is impossible to describe in one word, it is certainly electronic, weird, dream-inducing and psychedelic in a manner of speaking. It sometimes feels experimental, a little bit of hip-hop here and there. I will use the tag "?" to classify releases that are impossible to classify, or blends of so many genres that it would become confusing.

But who cares as long as it is beautiful and free ?

Edit : Well, after listening to this release and others that SEEM to sound a LITTLE BIT like it. I decided to remove the question mark. I mean, why should a music get lost in a deep thick darkness, crying and screaming for tags while we don't care at all ? Some sounds are particularly well-suited for persons experiencing an altered state of mind, Lost Twin's is, I think, one of them. Anyone can find ways to alter the mind, but I will call this music "Mushtronic", a matter of love and distorsion, a cure for reality. Let us all sit down or up, or bend weirdly on the side, and listen to a bit of mushtronic.

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