dimanche 23 septembre 2012

DOMTRON - Pipe Dreams

I usually hate dubstep, or what most DJs and producers make of it : the sound of a robotic gangbang party. But there are interesting elements, rhythms, style, things to modify, sample, destroy and recreate. Yes, there IS good dubstep, it is situated at the exact opposite of Skrillex's position at this very moment. Yes, it is far away, but still reachable. Finding good dubstep that does not drill your ears to death is difficult but possible ! It is always a matter of taste, of course, so I hope you'll like DOMTRON's release. It is short, divided into electronic and chilly dubstep tracks. Good listening.

3 commentaires:

  1. C'est bizarre j'adhere ! surtout les ptits passages break drum liquid ! t'as un lien pour l'album complet ?

    1. Yeah c'est déjà un album !

    2. Ce sont généralement des albums complets, des EP, et parfois des liens vers des chaînes Youtube bien garnies. Ou bien une seule chanson mais d'une ou plusieurs heures.