mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Mixes from Tobias Bassline

Ever had the feeling that some people get too much free time ? Well, me too. They spend all day making music and searching for more, stitching some to others to make big chunks of ear-pounding goodness, absolutely disgusting... but there's a bright side so we won't complain too much, or at least not too loud. Tobias Bassline, or TB, is one of these people. I am jealous of his Youtube channel and have no shame of saying it out loud. It is clear, clean and tidy, full of ambient, downtempo, psytrance, techno and psybient playlists and mixes... When I see that, well... I think it's time for me to tidy my own channel up a bit, so that human eyes can find their way through it. I'm going to give it a stab soon, but not now, because I still have a chair to burn (it's hurting my back so bad right now).

Take your time to stroll around. TB's mixes are high-quality music and always have a tracklist for the most curious of us. Listen to them online, and then you can usually find a download link in the description on Youtube or Mixcloud. Bon appétit to your ears !

Edit : This post was made unavailable after I found out his channel had disappeared. But while following him on Mixcloud, I saw he created a new one that you can find here. Check also his Mixcloud, which has even more mixes to listen to.

Here's a preview of what is to come : 

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