mercredi 21 février 2018

b a k m a h n & Testarosah - Holy Oxygen

In the shining world of Vaporwave, there is more than just Macinstosh Plus and his/her famous track リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー., even if he/she's like the epitome of this music style.

This very rich musical world has been expanding since 2010, and many netlabels have taken to surfing on the vapor wave. Among them, you may write down the name of Business Casual, whose catalog of 172 releases is available for the modest sum of one petrodollar. Of course, it wouldn't be Vaporwave if you had to pay for it, that's the point.

Personally, I would rather listen to each release thirty times, in a calm atmosphere, with the least people possible around, and then buy them according to my goosebumps-o-meter.

What matters is quality, not quantity, apart when it comes to chips (or crisps).

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