mercredi 10 janvier 2018

Aloe Island Posse - Good Night Aloe Island

This album embodies pretty nicely the conception I have of Future Funk. Old-school kitsch synths like a sunset seen by the milkshake bar by the sea, disco samples, rhythms that give one the urge both to dance and to sweep the floor all at once, but most of all a special 80s, 90s atmosphere given by the scratchy lo-fi sound, the short keytar riffs and the unavoidable image of an era lost and idealised at the same time...

But don't worry, by the time we get to 2080, we'll get to live the eighties of the future ! And yes of course we'll still be there, what's that for a question ?

If you crave more Future Funk as I do, go and take a listen to what they got at Sleepless Tapes, you won't be disappointed.

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