mercredi 21 décembre 2016

Olivaw - Shell

When you begin to discover free music somewhere, expect lots of new aural pearls to be stumbled upon every day. I'm telling you !

After buying the album Forest = WIN, a collaboration between the ChipWIN collective and the russo-norwegian label Forest, I had the opportunity to listen to Olivaw's music. I was expecting good old Chiptune music and was a bit unsettled when instead I heard the sound of retro synthwave, kind of resembling what you can find in Perturbator's music.

You let yourself go and imagine a terrifying futuristic world, men and women like you and me taking up their courage and whatever lies on the ground to rise against the oppression of machines, setting themselves on a quest to blow up the gigantic computer that controls us all.

Retro synthwave yes, but with a personal touch, some electric guitar improvisations that perfect the mix here and there.

So long, have a good listening. And don't forget... They're watching...

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