mercredi 28 décembre 2016

LDBK - All School Flavor Vol. 1

If you don't know about yet, it's high time you did ! It's an internet radio that enables you to listen to music from all around the world, but also from different time periods. You can find out what people in Cuba were listening to in the 30's or what those in Kazakhstan are listening to right now.

I discovered the Laid Back netlabel through one of the tracks I heard on the aforementioned radio. Every time I hear something good, I try to find out if there is more and if it is free. There are always new surprises to discover and be baffled by.

So here's a compilation earning its name well, offering tracks from all schools, with a jazzy intro that will lead you to soul, hip-hop, dub, trip-hop, a little bit of everything, as long as it's chillin' grillin'.

Ok now, take a listen, see you soon !

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