mercredi 21 septembre 2016

VA - Resonant Heart

Resonant Heart is the follow-up compilation to Resonant Mind, which is also free-priced. Where the first one concentrated on thought, spirit, their immortal nature and the infinite which only them can hope to touch ; this present one goes back down to earth, to the core of the planet and human beings, to shake our hearts and make them resonate with strange rhythms, and melodies that go back and forth between the skies with thousands of stars, and the pools of mud with thousands of tadpoles.

The talent of all these artists combined creates a unique atmosphere, a blend of styles. Desert Dwellers welcomes us, chanting from far away, Kalya Scintilla plunges us into mystical swampy grounds, Mr Squatch digs for spices that titillate our nostrils and enable space travel, Gibson lets us try his laser harp, Biolumigen bids us farewell with his peculiar style...

This album found while looking for more free music from Mr Squatch has a lot of good surprises in reserve.

I only found one little thing I did not like, but so small it serves no purpose to talk about it.

Focus on what is good.

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