mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Mr Squatch - Please Squash

I discovered Mr Squatch's music with the track 'Regrowth' on the 'Up The Duff' compilation. It's been quite a long time and I never took the time to look further until today, when I stumbled upon this collection of Squatchtastic hits of 2008-2011-ish.

His musical style immediately made old memories come back to me, memories of a sizzling hot beach dotted here and there with a bit of shriveled trees, a big stage close to the water, adorned with an enormous sound system on both sides, shaped like a mystical swamp-dwelling creature, guardian of the primordial mojo. And the sound it made was so perfect, so typical, swirling and swinging, deep...

Please Squash takes its roots firmly on a solid base of techno music, stretching its electronic tentacles in all directions, from deep to psy to tech-house, with some discreet glitchy influences here and there.

Dedicated to those still looking for summer.

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