jeudi 21 mars 2013

Somasphere - Sine Language

And here is another of these good old discoveries from the times before yesterday. It comes from an era when the sun did shine and the grass did grow, while we played with the windows opened and with hearts filled with maple syrup and joy. I remember, and this music was there too. And everyone was like "dude, this is great". Now is the time to share that joy that we felt, with you. And with a little pinch of magic, you'll all soon be all like "dude, this is great" too.

Somasphere is a little bit of a story. I began listening to his latest album, a while back, and really it did not struck me as anything special. But I was young and stupid back then, because later I crossed Somasphere's way again, and he had me take an ear at "Sine Language" by means of laser robots and cosmic dinosaurs. I couldn't say no. And this album... dude ! this is great. A very good release packed with electronic rhythms and melodies, that will get your friends and enemies dancing in no time.

Well, look at this, we're Thursday ! I used to have one or two releases prepared in advance but now I am desperately late. But hey, with no schedule, there is no delay, so I guess it's okay. In fact, this is due to my little electronic friend on which I am typing right now, and his unique slowness that destroys and defiles everything I try to create. But I am on my way to cure this problem, and if you'll excuse me, I'll really be on my way now. See you soon.

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