mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Ruby the Hatchet - Ouroboros

Yesterday night was a harrowing journey for me myself and I, musically speaking. I'm telling you, finding good free blues music on the Internet is something of hell if you ever tried it. It is hard for your fingers, clicking and clicking again ; and for your ears, violated with an unborn sound that is already part of the undead, without being born, that's something. So, yes, I admit I'm giving up blues for La Mojoteque, for now. But who knows ? Maybe a good-willed visitor who knows his way around the unknown arcanes of blues will come and share some good names with me, which I'll share with you afterwards. Let us wait and see.

While this stranger makes his way to this place, I will continue with a very good stoner rock release, "Ouroboros" from Ruby the Hatchet, a band from Philadelphia. Their music is a good blend (ever noticed how I keep using the expression "a good blend" ?) of these two genres, sometimes more greasy stoner without going as far as the ultimate distortion of the universe ; and sometimes more rock, with a hint of psychedelitude of which I never tire.

If you're not really convinced by the first song, I'll let you know that this release gets better by the second. Very good indeed (I'm listening to it for the third time in a row).

This is the 50th article of La Mojoteque, not counting all those I have deleted before. I will not say I did not think I could go so far, because that was the goal from the beginning, but still, this is something. Almost 700 pageviews on the French version and not far from 1200 visitors on this one. I even started receiving spam comments providing effecient solutions for my erectile dysfunctions and with very interesting bank account offers too. This is beautiful, I want to thank all those who make free music, and to celebrate this event, they should all create a super-duper ultra giga release with twenty-five supranatural tracks, that is free, of course. That is not much to ask I think.

I wish you a good listening in the meantime, but not a happy new year, because as we all know, we're just living through a single enormous year containing variations in temperature.

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