mardi 15 janvier 2013

News 1

Hello, just wanted to say that until further notice, Ochre's "A Midsummer Nice Dream" is no longer free but costs £5. You can still freely listen to the full album online though, and "Early Learning" is still free-priced.

If you notice an album shared here that is no longer free, please do notice me, that I may ask the artist if this is permanent, and hide the post while it is so.

I'm also receiving a lot of spam from stupid websites and bots. One of them wanted to become a partner and to write articles with me, while also directing me to creating an advantageous bank account. How nice. If this continues (it is calmer now) I may render it impossible for anonymous comments. That would be a shame because I know comments on Blogspot are not fast and easy. Well, we'll see.

Cheers to all of you, see you wednesday for some good chillout.

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