mercredi 4 avril 2018

Project Paula - Amiga

A vibrant tribute to that period so horribly far away in space and time now, when the Commodore Amiga used to rock our cradles like a friendly robotic hand. Just seeing that old pal Turrican on the cover makes me jump back in time with seven-league boots. It's like Back to the Future, but in the past. And as we all know, Synthwave is the future of the past in the past of the future. What else ?

Here are twelve tracks that should leave an enduring trace in your collection of classics. But more than that, twelve artists to discover! You'll find the links needed on the Bandcamp page, and will then be able to enjoy their productions, full of tasty chunks, and enriched with vitamins D3, B12 and (A+B)².

Have a good meal.

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