mercredi 21 mars 2018

C-Jeff - Preschtale

Preschtale, by C-jeff, definitely one of the best chiptune album I've had the opportunity to listen to, these times around. 

Ultimately 8-bit, but mixing a variety of influences such as progressive metal, a kind of chillbit and... well a bunch of other stuff, not necessarily musical, creating the ideal atmosphere for a trip to the stars and then maybe roam a hostile planet in search for the meaning of it all.

Just imagine, imagine crossing that final frontier, discovering the hidden mysteries of the cosmos, battling or meditating among the stars, all with this music in the background.

C-Jeff is also the founder of Ubiktune, a russian netlabel specialising in... well... you know... Chiptune !

If you're into that musical genre, you will just have to go and take a listen at everything they have over there, LOTS of great stuff to discover. You'll see !

See you later.

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