mercredi 16 août 2017

Krelez - Random Chiptune Mixes

My heart and soul were struck by lightning today, a pixellated cubic lightning bolt, and I want to share it with you, to dedicate it to all those who spend their day filling the Internet with music and enjoyfulnessery.

I've been looking for new sources of Chiptune music for a long time, and now I found one of the best by randomly searching for "8bit mix" on Youtube. I found Krelez's mixes and the number of my favourite Chiptune tracks has soared over a few days. These mixes compile great music, varying beats and subgenres, coming with full tracklists and links to find the tracks and the album used, which is not always an easy task as they come from various places, be it Bandcamp, 8bitpeoples, Chiptune=WIN or more obscure websites.

Unlike many Chiptune mixes on the web, Krelez's lack this atmosphere of sad nostalgic teen looking for low-definition love at school. No. Jumpy beats or thoughtful atmospheres are what you will find here.

There are links to download the tracks and the mixes in each one's description, a large majority of which is free-priced and/or creative commons, so just do yourself a favour and click play. 

There's also a radio ! 24/7 pure chiptune goodness !

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