mercredi 1 mars 2017

Blossom - Where Are You Hiding ?

Blossom is a Polish artist whose music I discovered via the 'Secret Garden' compilations from DLoaw & Co., a collective that still fails to disappoint me with the quality of the releases they produce. I'm also taking a moment here to strongly suggest you take a look at their catalog, you just might find the love of your life, or in any case, get your ears massaged.

'Where Are You Hiding ?' is a simple yet intricate album, dreamy yet well-constructed. Its atmosphere almost immediately made me think of my first discoveries in the field of Trip-Hop such as Blockhead for the nostalgic tone and Bonobo for the feel of open spaces. Soft melodies are laid carefully on rhythms varying between slow and not too fast but faster than slow, the whole takes place in an atmosphere of a child's dreams and a surnatural world coming to life.

If you love this music just as I do, you might consider give a little something to the artist, as a token of your appreciation, you know, every bit helps.

See you soon.

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