mercredi 11 mai 2016

PERTURBATOR - I am The Night

Eighties retro electronic vintage synths. It's actually pretty easy to describe this album just by writing the tags it's labelled with on Bandcamp. Do you remember the eighties and nineties ? Where synthesizers ruled the world as omniscient masters, day and night ? But especially night. Well, me neither, but I guess it pretty much resembled the atmosphere distilled through Perturbator's "I am The Night".

This producer from Paris executes a pretty amazing revival of old-school synthwave music. You'll get what you see on the cover, and the intro will do its job finely, introduce you to a dark, violent and futuristic world.

I can but recommend every single one of his albums. They all radiate with that particular atmosphere that reminds me of Iron Maiden's "Somewhere in Time".

See you in hel... hrm, I mean, the future.

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