mercredi 24 février 2016

Various Artists - Ethneomystica Vol. 1

First and foremost, to all those who would say "hey ! It was psydub last week too !" I'd like to answer "Thank you for following" but also that I'm but a man, and when I'm handed a compilation full of groovy trippy psybient/psydub I just cannot resist. I listen, I download, I listen again, I share and I share again.

So here's Ethneomystica, the first volume. If you like free music as much as I do I'm sorry to say that volume 2 and 3 are excellent but not free.

They are out at Mystic Sound Records and compiled by Maiia, who seems to have an excellent taste in music. In this particular compilation you'll find well-known names such as Globular, Yechidah or Mahaon (a guy that makes wonderful music but that I cannot share efficiently because of technical issues with his Bandcamp page).

Enjoy yourself, it's on the house. 

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