mercredi 13 janvier 2016

Torley - Glitch Piano

"Not long ago, in a parallel universe fairly, fairly close... humans imported a master race of sentient pianos through spacetime portals, using the instruments as labor-beasts and war-weapons. Predictably, these magnificent creatures rebelled and bass'ed civilization, enslaving the masses like the un-self-actualized lowminds they broadly are.

The contained aurelics (sonic artifacts) are historical evidence of such a traumatic time, and oddly, we detected halos of rich emotional spectrum — including loveliness and humorosity — amidst the runes".

I wonder, what could I possibly tell or say to broaden the information you now possess on this album ?

Deeply relaxing, while relating strange and terrible events which took place in another dimension, Glitch Piano is an album that must be taken slow, but not lightly. With each tracks the whole canvas evolves.

Take your time, don't rush in, it's long, but consider the album in its entirety.

See you in another world.

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