mercredi 29 octobre 2014


Sometimes you just wander here or there and stumble by chance on something made of pure genius. By you I mean me, and by something made of pure genius I mean MONOMETRIC by KOGNITIF. Yes I am yelling a bit, but that is just to be sure that you understand the exceptional artist hiding behind this seemingly simple name. Juicy trip-hop, intelligent rhythmics and little surprising musical details. Coming from the far away land of France, KOGNITIF puts everything you need to tickle the musical cortex lobe (no pun intended) of your friends. I did, lots of times, and it worked perfectly.

I also decided to put lots of new tags on the blog. That will get things altogether more complex and simpler. The connoisseurs will be able to get where they want faster, and there will still be more general terms for the others.

Cheers and hear you next time.

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