mardi 9 septembre 2014


Hi everyone, I'm here to announce I'll be taking a little break of some weeks, maybe one or two months I don't know yet, of course I'll keep an ear out for excellent releases and I'll make a little storage of new stuff to put online after this break.

You know, sometimes you begin something because you just love it, and then you give yourself some rules to better make your own stuff, and after that it's just a bug's hop away from being forced to do the things you love, and then you feel like the love is fading away. I'm taking a break to keep the love in shape, you know, the love of looking for underground releases, and especially of writing articles. Some of you have probably noted that my articles are becoming shorter and shorter, that sometimes I just translate the artist's own description. That's just not it.

So there it is, I've been sharing free music with you each week since august 2012 and there's almost 200 good free albums to download shared here. Don't forget to share yourself, with your friends and family, to share the blog, the playlists, the mixes, and to send me your own discoveries to add to the stack, I'll be sure to credit you in the article I'll write. See you soon !

Phew, now time to translate all this into French...

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