mercredi 25 juin 2014

Bioscape - Living Connection

Until now, I had never heard anything about Andrew Dyche, aka Bioscape, and just when the time was right and my ears ready to be soothed, I wandered a bit on Ektoplazm in the Psydub section, I found myself listening to this album, and soon I was completely overwhelmed with delight, sorry if I always exaggerate but it is for a good cause. An atmosphere like a tropical forest, perfectly blended instrumentals. Very soft, soothing, harmonious, a real neural massage.

Interesting fact, Bioscape is produced by the Gliese 581c netlabel , on which I have already discovered some really amazing artists such as HelixNebula or Globular, so there is a good chance that there still is some incredible pearl of music to be found there... Oh, and thanks to Ektoplazm for the music they share, and for their extra-efficient sharing on their Youtube Channel.

Yeah I know, there are a lot of links to be clicked on in this article, isn't it marvelous ?

Edit : yes it is marvelous indeed, all those links, except the download link ! Sorry, I always forget, here it is : Bioscape - Living Connection on Ektoplazm


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