mercredi 29 juin 2016

Padang Records - Barong & Garuda

Let's dive in the murky depths of swampy voodoo people-ridden underground worlds with this compilation from Padang Records. There will be slow and pounding techno beats, dark psychedelic atmospheres seeping through the sound monitors, strangely familiar ritual incantations...

Padang Records specialise in a more technoid kind of psychedelic electronica, and you can really feel it through this collection of tracks from noted artists about whom I did not know anything at all before coming across them in my search for free music.

As they say better than me : "Receiving data from random creative psychedelic neuro connections, world wild artists will take you on a journey of digital and analog soundscapes not yet explored by mankind". I mean, that's the way they describe themselves. Couldn't be clearer, you'll see it's true after listening to this one.

For the most curious and/or knowledgeable among you, you'll now be able to tell your friends that Barong is the lion-shaped king of the spirits, a mythological figure from Bali, Indonesia, and Garuda a humanoid bird that is the mount of Vishnu in Hinduism and Buddhism.

That was the international culture moment, thanks for your attention. Back to weird psychedelic techno now.

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