mercredi 20 février 2013

Soulacybin - Self-Existing Earth

Again a very good find on Ektoplazm, which was like a musical dormant agent hidden in one of my sub-sub-sub-folders, almost forgotten. Another proof that too much order can kill order itself.

This is a very good bl... (no, not a good blend, I gotta find another way of saying it...) a good album... a very good series of tracks, of dub and psydub. This first release from Soulacybin bodes well for further musical works (I don't really know if that means anything). You must be able to get access to good and deep bass to enjoy this release fully, I'm telling you.

Of, and one last thing, I want to apologise to all of my fellow purists because I'm so often mixing up psydub and psybient. Now, I know that they are absolutely different, but you see, they go so well together, and this helps the blog being so much clearer.

You can get the release here.

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