samedi 29 septembre 2012

Ip Deep - Deep Tech House Mix

That's it. I just found the ideal sonorous definition of "Mojotech", and it is all contained in that mix I had downloaded some time ago. I usually use the word mojotech to qualify, classify and categorize deep tech house (good deep tech house mind you). Why mojo ? Well it is a little tricky to explain now because my head aches so much, but you should know that there is absolutely no reference to Austin Powers here. The very essence of the word takes its roots both in the sunny south and in the kingdom of Hyrule. I know it all looks weird and wtfish, I understand, but it will all make sense later, you'll see.

Here is Mojotech for you, bouncy and groovy. You can find a link to download the mix on the Youtube description, or click here.

Visit Ip Deep's Soundcloud

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